What to pack for your child’s baseball game

It’s baseball season! My 4 year old plays Tball and I’ve learned that you must come prepared. Here is a list of items I recommend bringing to your child’s game to make your life easier.

1. Glove, bat, and helmet for your child

2. First aid kit – one that includes ice packs. Kids get hit by flying balls all the time.

3. Wagon – a MUST! Click here

4. Snacks – fruit, crackers, etc.

5. Water (lots of water!) – it gets hot being in the sun so it’s important to stay hydrated.

6. Sunscreen SPF 50 – protect you and your child’s skin from getting sunburnt.

7. Folding chairs – those bleacher seats just aren’t comfortable.

8. Cash for the snack bar – if you feel like indulging in a hot dog or nachos. My son loves grabbing a hot dog after the game.

These are a few items I recommend taking with you. Buying the wagon was a huge life saver. You don’t have to take trips back and fourth to the car to grab your belongings….just throw everything in the wagon! Click here